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- “Certain dog breeds are inherently different than others, and are therefore more dangerous.”

- “Pit bull (or Rottweiler, German shepherd, etc) attacks are always in the news paper.”

- “When was the last time anyone ever heard of a (insert perceived good dog breed) attacking a kid?”

- “Studies show these breeds are the ones that account for an overwhelming number of dog bites”

The list of assumptions associated with BSL is long and engrained in our society, yet easily bested when approached with reasonable information and a level-headed evaluation.


The HSUS attempted to fund raise for the care of Micheal Vick's dogs, while at the same time suggesting that the dogs needed to be killed.
And to add insult to injury, they weren't even planning on taking possesion of the dogs.

Contact the HSUS and tell them this is unacceptable!

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RAAP is an all volunteer group of Pit bull advocates. We offer socialization classes for those that have adopted Pit bull puppies out of the local shelter systems.

We participate in education events, and can assist those looking through the shelter system to find their next dog.

We are always on the look out for new donors and volunteers...please contact us for more information.

Responsibly Adopting Albuquerque's Pit Bulls