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My buddy, Drayton Micheals, at Dog Star Daily put together a great post on a rarely discussed topic: the financial aspect of BSL. I am not familair with any materials from BSL promoters that account for this aspect of their "plan." In my estimation, this is one more aspect of a shortsighted approach to public safety - the hallmark of Breed Specific Legislation.

The following is an excerpt from Mr. Micheals' fourth installment of his "Dangerous Dog Diatribe", which is a look into the amount of money that is going into these laws:

Most of the focus on BSL is placed on dog behavior and how to effectively reduce dog incidents that are injurious or fatal. There is another aspect that does not get spoken about by proponents of BSL, the cost to implement such legislation and the lack of effectiveness of the approach.

Since its inception around 1989 BSL has not reduced dog - human fatalities or serious injury statistics; they have held steady. How can a breed ban even begin to be enforced? How can you really be sure there are no “Pit Bulls” in your city? You cannot, and this is the fundamental problem with BSL, it is unenforceable and the cost does not justify the results.

Drayton's post, complete with citations, will hopefully provoke many to re-examine their support of BSL. And for those that are already in the fight to keep BSL out of their communities, this post will provide many productive talking points. It is a lengthy post, indeed, yet the amount of information is justified by the many misconceptions that are inherent to discussions about BSL.


The HSUS attempted to fund raise for the care of Micheal Vick's dogs, while at the same time suggesting that the dogs needed to be killed.
And to add insult to injury, they weren't even planning on taking possesion of the dogs.

Contact the HSUS and tell them this is unacceptable!

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